Pest Control Packages

Please contact us regarding your specific pest issue if not listed below. Pests treated include (but not limited to) spiders, cockroaches, ants, rats and mice. We offer a 6 month free service period on all general pest treatments , except where severe cockroach and flea infestations exist. Prices are as follows and are GST INCLUSIVE: Internal & External Pest Control Package : Single Storey: $180 Double Storey: $200 Pest Controlled: Spiders, Cockroaches ,Ants ,Rats and Mice. Internal & External Pest Control Package + Termite Inspection : Single Storey: $320 Double Storey: $350 Pest Controlled: Spiders, Cockroaches ,Ants ,Rats and Mice. German Cockroach Treatment Package: Residential: $150 Commercial: From $150 NB: For extensive infestations a second treatment may be required to eradicate due to unhatched eggs. Rodents - Rats and Mice From $50

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Termite Inspections

Subterranean termites or "white ants" are a highly destructive timber pest causing major structural timber damage to residential and commercial buildings in Australia. Recent industry surveys suggest that approximately 1 in 3 unprotected properties are subject to attack by termites. Most homes are at risk especially if well established gum trees are nearby the building. Australian Standards 3660 and 4349.3 both recommend at least 12 monthly inspections but strongly advise more frequent inspections ie : 3 - 6 monthly. All termite inspections include a thorough written report providing a full risk analysis and termite management recommendations specific to your property. Price is GST INCLUSIVE. Termite Inspections Residential: $200 Rural: $250 Commercial and Industrial: By Negotiation NB: We do not conduct PRE-PURCHASE TIMBER AND PEST Inspections

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End of Lease Flea Treatments

Currently in New South Wales, it is legally necessary for all pet owners to arrange an end of lease flea/tick treatment at the end of a rental tenancy. This is a requirement to obtain the bond money back. Whether your pet has any fleas or not, it is still your responsibility to ensure that a professional flea treatment is carried out at the end of the rental tenancy. We can also arrange for the necessary paperwork (post treatment) to be emailed directly to your managing agent to save you time during this very busy and demanding period. Price is GST INCLUSIVE. End of lease Flea Treatment $150 Please note in the event of a severe and existing flea infestation , additional treatments and therefore costs may be applicable to eradicate these pests due to unhatched eggs. .